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What should be done after a motorcycle accident?

Any vehicle accident can be a traumatic and difficult event to manage. It is important that in the wake of such an incident that a victim seeks the medical support they need to have their injuries attended to. The victim of a motorcycle accident in Massachusetts may need to be taken to the hospital or emergency room for treatment in the event that they seriously injured or suffering from life-threatening harm.

If a motorcycle accident victim is able to remain at their accident site after a crash and does not need emergency medical care, there are some important actions they can undertake to capture what happened to cause their accident to occur. If they are able, they should exchange contact information with any other parties that were involved in the crash so that they may be later tracked down for additional information.

Support animal attacks child at airport

Readers of this personal injury blog may not be aware that there is a difference between service animals and emotional support animals. While service animals are capable of performing necessary tasks for their handlers, emotional support animals are companions who help manage the emotions of their handlers. Service animals have rights to enter certain places in order to accommodate their handlers' needs, while in many cases support animals do not have those rights.

Support animals may, however be allowed on aircrafts when their handlers must fly and are stressed by the experience. Massachusetts residents may have seen dogs, cats and other creatures in-flight with their handlers or in local airports as they prepare to board their airplanes. Not long ago an emotional support animal caused serious and painful injuries on a child when it attacked the youth in an airport waiting area as the handler and child waited to board.

Multi-vehicle accident injures many on I-95

Dominoes is a popular game for children and adults. Players set up individual tiles in a detailed arrangement to see how many can be knocked down by only pushing one over. The cascade of effects as the tiles tip over creates a rush of chaos as the tiles quickly toppled off of their edges.

This popular game is an unfortunately good analogy for what can happen on Massachusetts roads when car accidents happen on busy thoroughfares. Not long ago the morning rush hour commute on Interstate 95 was crippled when an impact in southbound traffic cross the median into northbound traffic. The initial two-car crash affected another six vehicles that were traveling in the opposite direction.

Common reasons for semitruck accidents

If you are lucky, you will never find yourself in the middle of an accident involving a semitruck. Still, 18-wheeler accidents are more common than you probably think. In fact, according to recent data, commercial trucking accidents cause roughly 130,000 injuries every year. Even worse, an estimated 5,000 accidents result in someone‚Äôs death.   

Because your family vehicle is likely significantly smaller than a tractor-trailer, you do not want to swap paint with one. If you sustain an injury during a collision with a semitruck, you must act quickly to protect yourself, recover from injuries and explore legal options. Nonetheless, by understanding why 18-wheeler accidents typically occur, you can better avoid a collision altogether. Here are three common reasons semitruck accidents happen.

How might contributory negligence affect a car accident case?

Anyone who has been involved in a car collision can attest to the fact that the process of working through the associated issues can be time consuming for a Massachusetts resident. Calls to insurance companies often must be made, and repair shops must be found to perform work on damaged cars. If individuals suffer injuries in their car accidents they may require medical care and time to recover.

As such victims of car accidents can often seek to recover their losses from the parties that caused them to suffer harm. However, in Massachusetts, a victim may face a claim of contributory negligence if the party or parties they have sued believe that the victim was partially to blame for the crash that hurt them. This post will briefly discuss the legal concept of contributory negligence but all readers are asked to find their own legal advisors since this post does not offer legal advice.

Support for victims of truck accidents and collisions

For as common as motor vehicle accidents are, Massachusetts residents may be shocked to learn just how different each collision can be. The conditions present when the accidents occur can play a major role in how liability is viewed, as can the conditions of the drivers, their vehicles and other important factors. When a large truck is involved in a roadway collision, even more considerations may be necessary to determine fault and how responsibility for the crash should be evaluated.

Not long ago this personal injury blog offered a post on how victims of truck accidents may determine who to sue when they prepare their pleadings for trial. They may be able to sue the drivers who hit them, the owners of the trucks involved in their crashes, the companies that put the trucks on the roads and other involved parties. When a victim begins to assess the factors involved in their crash, the defendants they may need to include in their lawsuit and a host of other important matters that may have bearing on the outcome of their case, they may become overwhelmed.

Strict liability in a Massachusetts animal bite case

Many of the posts on this personal injury legal blog focus on the theory of negligence. Generally, negligence may occur when a person fails to act reasonably given their circumstances. The negligent acts of individuals can lead to violent car accidents, dangerous truck collisions, serious personal injuries and even tragic wrongful deaths.

To this end, readers may believe that negligence would form the basis of incidents involving animal attacks. For example, if a dog owner was negligent in their control of their pet and that dog bit a victim, the dog owner could be held liable for the victim's harm if negligence could be proven in court. However, in many cases, animal bite victims do not have to prove negligence to prevail on their claims. That is because our state recognizes strict liability in such situations.

Two-car collision leads to death of elderly Massachusetts woman

An accident on Interstate 95 North near Sharon has claimed the life of a 73-year-old local woman. The victim was operating her vehicle on the interstate when it was involved in a collision with another automobile. As a result of the crash, the victim's car lost control, traveled across several lanes of traffic and rolled down an embankment.

The car then hit a tree and the force of the accident threw the victim and her dog out of the vehicle. Both died in the crash, and it is unknown if the driver of the other vehicle was hurt. As investigators look into the cause of the car accident, the family of the victim may begin piecing back together their lives in the wake of her loss.

Educate yourself of the dangers during Burn Awareness Week

With numerous opportunities for injuries at home, school or work, it does not hurt to be aware of the risks. You and other Massachusetts residents may want to become informed of the burn dangers that are present in your daily lives.

The American Burn Association declared the first full week of February to be Burn Awareness Week. Countless people across the country suffer serious burn injuries every year, making this one of the most prevalent home and work dangers you can face. The awareness theme for 2019 is scalding burns.

Unsecured cargo can cause devastating truck accidents

Large trucks serve an important role in the movement of goods across the country. Each day Worcester residents see semis, cargo vehicles and other commercial trucks carrying items to stores and retail centers where consumers can buy them. While airplanes, train, and other modes of transportation may pay parts in getting goods to where they need to go, trucks are on the ground, night and day, making important deliveries.

Although most trucks operate safely and have responsible drivers behind their wheels, some trucks and their operators may pose dangers to others. Past posts on this blog have discussed some of the hazards that trucks can present to other vehicles and their passengers. This post will briefly touch on the dangers of unsecured cargo in large trucks and vehicles.

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