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Recognize the signs of a traumatic brain injury

Massachusetts residents may be hearing a lot about brain injuries in the context of professional sports and particularly related to the problems some retired football players have experienced. After years of taking violent hits and blocks to their heads, some former players have been diagnosed with chronic traumatic encephalopathy, often referred to as CTE. This problem develops when a brain is subjected to repeated trauma and harm.

However, it does not take multiple injuries to a person's brain for serious and sometimes life-threatening harm to occur. In fact, the victim of a Worcester car accident may endure a serious brain injury, known as traumatic brain injury, if they hit their head in the crash. Traumatic brain injuries can have a range of symptoms from mild to severe.

Should I settle my truck accident claim?

The injuries that a victim may suffer in an accident with a large truck or big rig can be extensive. Not all victims of these devastating incidents are able to reach a full recovery from the physical harm they suffered, and they can be left with lingering health issues that can affect them for the rest of their lives. If a Massachusetts resident is involved in a truck accident, they should be aware of what they may be giving up before they agree to settle their pending personal injury claim.

A truck accident settlement may involve an offer by the responsible parties to compensate the victim for their losses in exchange for the victim waiving their right to sue for any further damages. To this end, a settlement may be a good resolution for a person who suffered minimal losses and future costs related to their accident are not anticipated.

Living with a spinal cord injury after a motorcycle accident

Jurisdictions throughout the nation have adopted mandatory helmet laws for motorcyclists. This is because the risk of head injuries resulting from motorcycle collisions is significant and traumatic brain injuries can cause victims to suffer debilitating harm and even death when they are sustained. However, there is another form of injury that can leave a Massachusetts motorcyclist with serious health complications and that can change the course of their life forever: a spinal cord injury.

A spinal cord injury happens when a victim suffers trauma to the spinal cord and column. The spinal cord is a group of nerves that run down the back of a person's body, and the spinal column is the set of bones that protect the column from harm. If a person severs their spinal column, they can lose all sensation below that place in their body and can suffer permanent paralysis of their affected systems.

Walking is good for your heart, but it can also be dangerous

No matter how you travel from point A to point B, there is some level of risk involved. You could be driving a car or a motorcycle, riding on a bus or a train, and there is always the chance of an accident.

Unfortunately, the number of pedestrian/motor vehicle fatalities has increased in recent years, which means that those who set out for their destination on foot could be unwitting targets for drivers.

Massachusetts man killed in pedestrian accident

One of the most important ways that Worcester residents can stay safe on the roads is to minimize their chances of becoming distracted while they are operating their vehicles. This can mean turning off their smartphones and starting their GPS devices before they get moving, having their routes planned out so they do not have to consult maps or directions, and making sure that passengers have what they need prior to starting their trip. A driver who is focused on the task of driving can react better to changing road conditions and can actively prevent the collisions that can hurt and even kill victims.

Vehicle accident victims can include those who are in the cars, trucks, and sport utility vehicles that actually collide with each other, but they can also include people who are outside the automobiles that crash. For example, a vehicle may hit a pedestrian and may cause that victim serious and even life-threatening injuries.

Dog bite injuries can be extensive and painful

A dog can add an immense amount of love to a family. From a playful puppy to a mature companion, a dog can bring satisfaction and friendship to a Massachusetts resident. However, taking care of a dog is no small feat and individuals who choose to undertake the responsibility of caring for a dog must ensure that their four-legged friends are trained to be safe around humans and other animals.

When a dog bites or attacks a person, it can inflict significant harm upon its victim. A dog bite can cause damage to multiple body systems, such as the skin and layers of deeper tissue, organ damage, and even broken bones.

Who can I sue after an accident with a large truck?

In the wake of a truck accident, a Massachusetts resident may have many questions and few answers. After tending to their injuries, an important step in seeking the recovery of their damages may be to consult with an attorney about their possible options. Individual cases are influenced by their own facts and, therefore, understanding who may be sued will depend on the circumstances surrounding the victim's crash.

Generally, however, a truck accident victim may sue a number of potentially responsible parties. First, they may include in their list of defendants the actual driver of the truck that hit them. That driver may be responsible for causing the hazards on the road that caused the victim to be hurt.

Internal organs can be injured in a car accident

It is nearly impossible to get into a car accident and escape unscathed without injuries. Too many people, though, assume that they have been so lucky when there are no immediately visible injuries following a collision. On the contrary, injuries are often invisible, and it is entirely possible to suffer internal injuries to your tissues, muscles and even your body's organs.

This is just one reason why it is essential to seek out medical treatment following any kind of car accident. Whether in a minor fender bender or a multiple car collision, it is possible to suffer an injury to any of the following internal organs:

Seeking compensation as the victim of a drunk driving accident

Drunk drivers are a danger to everyone who must operate and ride in vehicles on Massachusetts roads. When they choose to put alcohol into their systems, the bodies of drunk drivers experience changes that the individuals cannot always control. Drunk drivers can experience a loss of inhibitions, a loss of motor function, a loss of reaction time, and many other physical problems.

These symptoms are dangerous on their own, but when an affected driver gets behind the wheel of their car, they effectively turn that vehicle into a force of harm that may cause injuries to innocent victims. Collisions between drunk drivers and their victims are often deadly and when they happen drunk drivers can face criminal charges for their actions.

Loss of companionship as a form of wrongful death damages

The death of a beloved family member can have lasting repercussions on the lives of those that they leave behind. When a spouse loses their partner or a child loses their parent, they may feel as though they have been deprived of something special and unique. In Massachusetts, a person may be able to include in their wrongful death damages a request for loss of companionship recompenses.

Demonstrating that a victim has truly suffered the loss of their deceased relative's companionship or consortium can be challenging. In the case of a deceased spouse, the surviving spouse may have to offer evidence of their relationship with the victim, including but not limited to its duration, level of commitment or involvement, and its stability. Offering such evidence and building a case for lost companionship can be undertaken with the help of a personal injury attorney.

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