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Traffic violations increased 30 percent last year in Worcester

As a licensed driver, you are legally bound to follow the traffic and safety regulations every time you are behind the wheel. However, there's not much you can do to influence another driver's choices or behavior. Speeding, drunk driving, distracted driving and the like can cause fatal accidents, and data released by officials show that traffic violations are an alarming concern in Worcester.

According to the Worcester Police Department Traffic Division, traffic violations increased 30 percent in one year in Worcester from 2017 to 2018. While there were 9,194 traffic citations issued in 2017, there were 12,009 in 2018. The report highlights that there was an 86 percent increase in speeding cases, a 21 percent increase in red light violations and a 360 percent increase in stop sign violations. There were also 11 fatal accidents reported in the city in 2018.

Compensation after a wrongful death

There is nothing easy about losing a loved one in an accident. A loss can throw turmoil and chaos into a family's life and may leave individuals reeling from the emotional and financial blow of saying goodbye. Those who lose loved ones in Worcester and the surrounding area may wish to seek legal counsel to better understand their rights to compensation.

The Law Offices of Bailey & Burke represent families and individuals whose lives have been turned upside down by wrongful deaths. A wrongful death can mean the loss of a family's breadwinner; it may also mean the loss of a beloved parent, spouse, or child. A wrongful death may require a family to incur costs they are not financially prepared to spend.

Should car accident claims be settled out of court?

Litigation is the process of pursuing a legal claim in court. Many personal injury cases in Massachusetts are litigated in front of judges and result in orders that mandate the actions the parties must take. Individuals who have been harmed in car accidents often choose to litigate their claims to secure damage awards that can help them get back on their feet.

However, litigation is not always an easy process. There are many steps that must be followed before a case is resolved and it can take time for those steps to be completed. From time to time, cases may be thrown out for technical deficiencies and individuals can struggle to move their claims forward when they do not have legal help.

What you tell your doctor after a car wreck matters

The streets and highways in and around Boston can be congested places. While you must share the road with thousands of other motorists, crowded roadways tend to increase your chances of sustaining a serious injury in a motor vehicle collision. After all, in the past decade, there has been more than 100,000 car crashes on Massachusetts roads every single year. 

If you sustain an injury in a car collision, you must seek medical attention. Even if you feel fine, you must realize that some symptoms do not appear immediately. Generally, the longer you wait to seek treatment, the greater the likelihood an insurance provider may argue your injuries came from something else. When you see your doctor, though, what you say matters. 

Age as a consideration when assessing wrongful death damages

Natural deaths are tragic, but when families lose loved ones to accidents, the losses can feel even harder to bear. The injustice can haunt families, and the sudden loss of a loved one's income and companionship can cause very real damage to a family's wellbeing.

Family members may be able to recover compensation for loss of income and other damages through a wrongful death lawsuit, if their loved one was killed due to the negligence or wrongful acts of another party. In some ways, these cases are like other lawsuits based on personal injury, but in others they are very different. Wrongful death lawsuits can be legally and technically complicated and, for family members, emotionally difficult.

Motorcycle rider struck by truck debris seriously injured

Motorcyclists can suffer serious injuries and even death when they are hit by other vehicles. The collision between a motorcycle and a car can be violent and can leave a motorcycle rider with broken bones, organ damage, internal bleeding, and brain and spinal injuries. Recovering from a motorcycle crash can be time-consuming and can leave a victim with permanent and sometimes disabling injuries.

Recently, a Massachusetts resident was seriously hurt in a motorcycle accident near Boston. The man was riding his motorcycle on I-495 when he was hit by something falling off a vehicle. A ladder that a truck driver had placed in his truck bed fell out and struck the unfortunate motorcycle-riding victim.

When animal bites happen at rented properties

Not all rental properties throughout Massachusetts allow their tenants to have pets. While dogs, cats, and other domestic animals can make wonderful companions for Worcester residents, they can also do a lot of damage to homes and apartments when they are not properly under the control of their masters. Those landlords who do allow their tenants to have pets may elect to collect deposits from their renters to cover any costs that the pets cause over the course of their tenancies.

However, property damage is only one of the threats that pets may introduce into the landlord-tenant relationship. Another issue that can become a complicated legal matter is when a pet bites or attacks another person while on the property of the landlord. While in Massachusetts pet owners are strictly liable for their pets' actions, landlords may also be sued under certain circumstances.

How long can truckers drive without stopping to rest?

Anyone who has undertaken a road trip knows how hard it can be to keep going when it seems like their destination will never appear. They may just want to push through their boredom and exhaustion to reach the end of the trip; Massachusetts residents may elect to drive through the night just to avoid traffic when they take on long trips by car. However, driving without taking breaks to rest and reset can be dangerous because fatigue can impact how drivers operate their vehicles.

One group of drivers that is especially prone to driving while fatigued is truck drivers. Many trucking companies incentivize timely deliveries and may encourage drivers to push through when they feel as though they need to rest. Fatigued driving is a dangerous cause of truck accidents and, because of this, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has issued rules regarding just how much and how long truckers can drive without taking breaks.

Car crashes involving teens spike during “100 deadliest days”

Anyone who has ever tried to teach a teenager to drive can likely attest that doing so is not for the faint of heart, and that teen drivers will inevitably make mistakes as they learn to follow the rules of the road. Because teenage drivers cannot help but lack experience, they pose a threat to everyone else on the roadway, and some teenagers make themselves even more hazardous to others by engaging in dangerous behaviors before getting behind, or while, at the wheel.

For this reason, AAA reports that the time period between Memorial Day and Labor Day – which is a time when most teens are out of school and more likely to spend time on the roads – is known as the “100 deadliest days.”

Recovering from a car accident with confident legal support

A motor vehicle accident can have long-term consequences for the health of a Massachusetts resident. Many of the posts that have been included on this blog have discussed the tragic and devastating harm that may befall individuals in collisions with negligent and reckless drivers. Serious injuries, including but not limited to, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and others, can impact the quality of life of victims long into their futures.

Therefore, recovering from a car accident can be a long and expensive process. As a victim is treated for their injuries and subjected to rehabilitation to improve their health, they may see their expenses rise as their income drops. While some victims may be able to work as they recuperate, others may be forced to discontinue their employment, so that they can focus on healing.

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