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What is a spinal cord injury?

Car accidents happen frequently on Massachusetts roads. While most vehicle collisions result in victims suffering bruises and property damage, some are very serious in that they cause victims significant personal harm. One of the most devastating forms of personal injury that a person may sustain in a vehicle accident is a spinal cord injury, and this post will look at the consequences of these tragic injuries.

A spinal cord injury happens when the spinal cord or surrounding nerves are damaged. Harm to the spinal cord can cause a wide range of symptoms, from pain and uncomfortable nerve sensations to paralysis and the loss of important bodily functions. Because the consequences of spinal cord injuries can be so immense to the physical character of a victim's body, they may also suffer emotional and psychological harm as they learn to cope with their post-accident limitations.

Lack of training, experience can lead to truck accidents

The damage that a big rig or other large truck can cause when it is involved in a crash is significant. Due to their large sizes and long stopping distances, large trucks can cause a great deal of destruction on Massachusetts roads. It is an unfortunate fact that some truck accidents are preventable and could be avoided if the drivers of the vehicles were properly trained to handle their rigs.

Improper preparation to drive a large truck can take on many forms. A driver may fail to secure the right driving credentials before taking on the assignment of driving a large truck and therefore may be unaware of the many ways that driving a truck is different than driving a regular car. A driver may hold the right licensure to drive a truck but may lack the experience to know how to respond when faced with adverse driving conditions.

Child suffers snake bite at outdoor expo

An unusual incident recently occurred that has made national news and may have come to the attention of Massachusetts animal lovers. During a fishing and outdoor expo, a young girl was bitten by a large snake. The 17 foot python was at the expo and at this time it is unclear of which vendor brought it or which exhibit included it in its display.

The child victim was a 4-year-old girl. Reports indicate that her injuries from the bite were not life-threatening though she was taken to a local hospital for treatment. It is unknown what will happen with the python that attacked her.

3 reasons to never take cash after a car accident

Following a motor vehicle accident, you may find yourself in a situation where the other driver offers you cash to not get the police involved. It is a tempting offer, but you should never accept any money at the scene of a collision. 

You should always contact the police and your insurance provider after a car accident. The insurance process can take a while to complete, which is why taking cash immediately may seem like a good deal. However, you need to protect yourself and your car by going through the proper channels to handle this. 

Wrongful death claims may be based on breaches of warranty

Negligence often forms the basis on which many wrongful death lawsuits proceed. When a person fails to act in accordance with their expected standard of care and breaches their duty to their victim, their negligence may cause the victim's death. However, in Massachusetts a wrongful death claim can also be based on a breach of warranty and this type of claim will be explored in the remainder of this post.

When the creator of a consumer good puts a product out into the stream of commerce they effectively guarantee that their product is safe for the purpose that it was intended to be used. This creates an implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose, that purpose being the use the manufacturer intended. If a person is killed while using a product as it was intended to be used a wrongful death claim may be based on that loss of life.

Our firm represents victims of serious truck accidents

Can't all vehicle accidents be lumped together? This is a question that some Massachusetts residents may ask when looking for legal assistance after an automobile crash. It may seem intuitive that if an accident happened on a road and all drivers are subject to the same driving laws that it really should not matter if what type of vehicles were involved in the injury-causing incident.

This iassumption is not entirely sound. Although drivers are all subject to traffic laws and must hold driving permits or licenses in order to legally operate motor vehicles, accidents between different types of vehicles can have very different legal pleadings and damages.

What damages may I seek after an animal attack?

Although many of the animals that Worchester residents maintain as pets are harmless, loving creatures, some harbor latent dangers that their owners may not even be aware of. Dog bites and attacks are unfortunately common, and when they occur, they can leave victims with serious injuries, significant expenses and even lost income.

Victims of animal attacks should always seek medical attention after their incidents. Animals can carry diseases that can, in comes cases, be fatal in humans if left untreated. At the very least, victims should have their wounds properly dressed and their injuries documented as soon as possible after being bitten.

Motorcycle accidents are often caused by right of way mistakes

Massachusetts has codified a set of rules that govern how drivers on the roads should act in the event that they approach intersections at the same time as other motorists. Deciding who will go first and how others should follow concerns the drivers' right of way, or the right of a driver to go before others.

Right of way is an incredibly important aspect of driving as following the rules prevents a multitude of accidents each year; however, it is often the case that drivers fail to acknowledge the right of way of motorcyclists and for this reason many car-motorcycle accidents occur.

Types of damages in a Massachusetts accident case

If you were injured in a Massachusetts car accident, you may be wondering what kind of compensation you would be able to get through a lawsuit.

Knowing how the general principles of compensation work for an accident due to negligence can help you understand what to expect in your case. A qualified attorney can help you further by assessing the facts of your case and advising you about the best way to proceed.

Distracted drivers are dangerous drivers

Practically any Worcester resident who has driven or been a passenger in a car has seen it: a driver with their head down as they read, write or send a text message on their smart phone. Technology like cellular telephones, navigation devices and smart watches are touted as tools that make people's lives easier. However, in many cases, they are the devices that make American roads more dangerous.

Smart devices are a major cause of distracted driving in America. Distracted driving occurs when a person allows a distraction, such as their phone, another passenger, or eating, to take their attention away from the road. Distractions can prevent drivers from seeing obstacles in their paths, stopping their vehicles before colliding with other automobiles or pedestrians or even noticing traffic signals and signage that are intended to keep them from running into other cars, trucks and motor vehicles.

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