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Hold the negligent parties responsible for truck accident injury

We have all seen commercial trucks hauling their load down Worcester roads. While we need these trucks to bring the goods and services to those that need it and to keep businesses running smoothly, there is a downside to their presence.

That downside is the potential for these commercial trucks to cause serious injury to those around them on Worcester roads. This could happen when a truck loses control or otherwise comes into contact with another vehicle and it's occupants.

Woman arraigned in connection with fatal accident, OUI suspected

There are rules and laws for a reason. Most often, rules and laws are recommended, and ultimately enacted, because it helps to keep people safe. Putting a limitation on the amount a motor-vehicle driver can drink or what substances they can use before getting behind the wheel are aimed at ensuring the safety of everyone on the road. Sadly, a multi-vehicle crash left one dead with a woman to be arraigned in connection with her role in the crash.

It all started on Massachusetts I-95. According to authorities, the woman in question was driving erratically when she hit a Subaru, causing it to go into oncoming traffic where it came into contact with a motorcyclist who flew off the bike and under another car. Attempts were made to save his life but sadly the motorcyclist died in connection with their injuries. Authorities believe that the woman was under the influence of drugs and her record indicated that she has previously been charged with DUI and license suspensions.

What are the common injuries motorcycle drivers may face?

Motorcyclists face many hazards when riding on Massachusetts roads. No matter how safe a motorcyclist is, there are always other drivers to deal with. Motorcycle awareness campaigns have helped increase a driver's awareness of motorcycles on the road but accidents still occur.

Unique dangers motorcyclists may encounter on Worcester roads

The feel of the open road, the wind in your hair and the sun on your face really can't be beat. That's why so many Worcester residents love to get out on their motorcycle and ride. Whether for primarily recreational use or when a motorcycle is a daily commuter, there are lots of reasons and ways that Worcester motorcyclists decide to ride. But what about the dangers associated with motorcyclists?

There are some unique challenges and dangers that motorcyclists face. Since motorcyclists are often left largely unprotected, the more inherent danger lies within coming into contact with other drivers. If a motorcycle accident occurs in which another vehicle comes into the path of a motorcycle, it could spell serious injuries for the motorcyclist while the person in the vehicle could remain largely untouched. Also, there are road quality concerns.

Why many drivers are uninsured

Having auto insurance is required in nearly all states, Massachusetts included. Thus, it can be frustrating when you are hit and/or injured by another driver and need her or his insurance company to help with your medical recovery and other costs--except the other driver does not have an insurance company at all. In fact, about 13 percent of drivers in 2014 may have been uninsured. It is so much a "given" that many drivers will be uninsured that states require insured drivers to protect against their uninsured counterparts. Massachusetts requires coverage of at least $20,000 per person and $40,000 per accident for bodily injuries caused by an uninsured auto.

Here is a look at why some people go uninsured, and, if it is something you are thinking about, why it is extremely unfair.

Could a design defect have caused loved one's wrongful death?

Trying to pick up the pieces after the unexpected death of a loved one isn't an easy task. There is much to deal with after the passing of a loved one and it isn't always easy. That being said, not all deaths are necessary or unpreventable. Sometimes a person's death is due to the negligence of others.

If you suspect that this may be true of the death of your loved one, read on. There are many ways in which other people or even businesses could have been responsible for a person's death. This is because people and businesses owe a duty of care, at a bare minimum, to ensure that instances of unnecessary death do not happen. If a person or company fails to do this, they could be held liable for that person's wrongful death.

Worcester pedestrian injured by automobile, DUI suspected

Accidents can happen so fast. One moment everything is normal, and the next, you are laying in a hospital bed injured after a run-in. Or at least, that might have been what it felt like for a pedestrian who was struck by a vehicle and injured in Worcester. The driver who hit the pedestrian has been arrested for charged related to drunken driving for her involvement in the crash.

The incident happened on Cambridge Street. The pedestrian attempted to cross the street and was struck by a Subaru Outback driven by the alleged drunken driver. The driver did not flee the scene, but she did pull over and allegedly throw two small bottles of whiskey under a nearby vehicle before coming to the scene of the crash. When the authorities asked the woman about her bloodshot eyes, she acknowledged that she had been drinking, "a little."

Wrongful death suits in MA drunken driving accidents

In recent years, there has been an increase in police enforcement of drunk driving laws in hopes of reducing accidents and the injuries and fatalities that often follow. Increased penalties for DWI offenders have been put in place to discourage drunken driving behaviors. However, it hasn't completely stopped people from getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. Worcester families have found out that this couldn't be more true when their loved one is killed in an accident with a suspected drunken driver.

When drivers are impaired, they cannot make safe driving decisions as their impaired state makes it difficult to both process information and react in a timely way. This could cause any number of scenarios to occur when a person gets behind the wheel while intoxicated, one of which results in an auto wreck and a loved one's death. Wrongful death laws allow the family members of the victim to seek reparation for the losses they have suffered when a loved one dies prematurely. While it will never bring their loved one back, it can help a family move forward with closure and financial support after a drunken driving accident.

Staying safe around commercial trucks

Many drivers justifiably feel nervous when they notice a commercial truck approaching. Understanding why big rigs present some unique dangers can help you avoid serious accidents.

The main dangers trucks present stem from their large size and mass. These factors can increase the likelihood of a crash and also cause a higher level of damage.

Animal bites in a Worcester neighborhood can cause serious injury

We love our pets. Whether a dog, cat or something more exotic, they are like family members. While that may be true, not all dogs and cats are docile and domesticated. Occasionally, a family pet in Massachusetts may lash out at the people around them, and this can happen for a variety of reasons.

An animal's aggression can turn violent in the blink of an eye. Sometimes dogs and cats have been through trauma that can cause them to be ornery or aggressive. However, it is the owner of that pet that must keep them under control and ensure that they aren't a danger to anyone who may come into contact with the animal. The failure to do this could result in animal bites that can cause injury and even emotional trauma in the years to come.

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