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Could a loved one's wrongful death be due to a drunken driver?

When we drive around in our vehicles everyday without incident, we start to become desensitized to the possible dangers on the roads. This doesn't mean that we don't drive carefully and with awareness. Rather, people think a terrible car accident injury or death couldn't happen to them or a loved one. Incidents like the sudden death of a person involved in an accident with an alleged drunk driver can put everything into perspective.

How does strict product liability work in fatal car accidents?

Finding out that a loved one has passed away in a car-related accident can be extremely devastating. The suddenness of the event and the questions of how and why can overwhelm loved ones. After a person has been put to rest, it may be time to start answering those questions. A person's death could have been related to a car defect, the type addressed by product liability claims, rather than the negligence of another driver.

Daughter killed, son injured - MA family sues Walmart for tires

It's every parents' worst nightmare. On their way to school in February 2016 a family's daughter was killed and their son was irreparably injured when the car they were driving left the road way. There had been severe weather reported in the area and school was even delayed a few hours due to that. However, the parents are alleging that it was more than snow that caused their kids' vehicle to leave the road that day.

Suspect loved one victim of wrongful death? Here are the basics

Trying to make sense of a loved one's unexpected death can be a painful and difficult experience. While loved ones need time to grieve the sudden death of their family member or friend, there comes a point where one starts to wonder exactly what caused a person's death. A coroner can tell you ultimately what physical ailment caused a person's death. However, they rarely can tell you exactly how or why it happened.

Woman arraigned in connection with fatal accident, OUI suspected

There are rules and laws for a reason. Most often, rules and laws are recommended, and ultimately enacted, because it helps to keep people safe. Putting a limitation on the amount a motor-vehicle driver can drink or what substances they can use before getting behind the wheel are aimed at ensuring the safety of everyone on the road. Sadly, a multi-vehicle crash left one dead with a woman to be arraigned in connection with her role in the crash.

Could a design defect have caused loved one's wrongful death?

Trying to pick up the pieces after the unexpected death of a loved one isn't an easy task. There is much to deal with after the passing of a loved one and it isn't always easy. That being said, not all deaths are necessary or unpreventable. Sometimes a person's death is due to the negligence of others.

Wrongful death suits in MA drunken driving accidents

In recent years, there has been an increase in police enforcement of drunk driving laws in hopes of reducing accidents and the injuries and fatalities that often follow. Increased penalties for DWI offenders have been put in place to discourage drunken driving behaviors. However, it hasn't completely stopped people from getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. Worcester families have found out that this couldn't be more true when their loved one is killed in an accident with a suspected drunken driver.

Besides emotional loss, how can wrongful death impact a family?

When the unimaginable happens, how does the worst news of a person's life affect them? Everyone in Massachusetts responds to the loss of a loved one differently, especially sudden loss. It's important for a person to go through the grieving process when a loved one dies suddenly. Sometimes a sudden death is affiliated with a wrongful death suit that alleges negligence on behalf of the responsible parties. Families seek out these suits after suffering not only the emotional loss of a person, but the financial and tangible losses that also tend to occur.

Massachusetts woman loses her life in a boating accident

Summer is in full swing and people are heading to their favorite lakes, rivers and waterways to swim, fish and boat. Tubing and riding jet skis are fun and exciting activities that many enjoy on the water, but they can also be dangerous activities as one recent incident shows.

What damages might be sought in a wrongful death suit?

Nobody expects to lose a loved one on any given day. However, it does happen that sometimes when a person says "good-bye" to a loved one in the morning, he or she will never see that person alive again. This often happens when an act of negligence occurs.

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