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What options are available following an on-the-job accident?

Personal injury accidents, including wrongful death accidents, can occur in a variety of different situations. Construction workers, for instance, can suffer serious injuries following a fall on the job. In addition, serious falling accidents may sometimes be fatal. Victims, and families of victims, may wonder what options may be available, and in what circumstances, to help with the harm suffered.

How can a claim for medical malpractice help those harmed?

Every day, many people in Massachusetts and elsewhere trust and rely on medical professionals. These individuals place their health in the hands of trusted medical professionals. In circumstances when a patient has been harmed by the negligence or carelessness of a medical professional, however, both the patient and the patient's family may wonder what legal options are available to help with the damages they have suffered.

How serious is the problem of dog bites in Massachusetts?

It is often noted that dogs are man's best friend. However, sometimes, circumstances can instead lead to a dog attack. Victims of dog attacks may be left with serious and disfiguring injuries, as well as physical and emotional scars. In Massachusetts, during 2006, there were 6,300 dog bite injuries that required medical attention. Of those injuries, 146 of them required admission to the hospital for treatment.

Hit-and-run auto accident kills Massachusetts pedestrian

Victims and families of victims of drunk driving accidents should understand that options may be available to protect them following an auto accident. A series of fatal hit-and-run and pedestrian accidents in a Massachusetts' community an hour southeast of Worcester have claimed the lives of multiple victims. Most recently, a 26-year old woman was killed. A 53-year old woman was arrested following the woman's death. The driver was charged with drunken driving causing serious injury, negligent operation of a motor vehicle and leaving the scene of an accident. Authorities noted additional charges are possible following the 26-year old pedestrian's death.

Damages options for car accident victims

Individuals harmed by a negligent party in a car accident may have heard of remedies and damages that may be available to them for injuries or other harm suffered. Car accident victims may understand that the option to receive compensation for damages can be available to them. Damages under the law are largely intended to ensure that the victim is made as whole as possible following injury or harm caused by another party's careless behavior.

How serious is distracted driving?

Distracted driving frequently comes up as an important topic in today's society. This may cause some people to wonder just how serious a concern distracted driving is. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nine people are killed each day and more than 1,000 are injured in car crashes each day involving distracted drivers, in the United States. More than 3,300 people were killed and about 387,000 people were injured in crashes that involved a distracted driver in 2011 alone. The CDC also reports that in 2010, 18 percent of injury crashes were the result of distracted drivers. The U.S. Department of Transportation reports that in 2011, 10 percent of fatal crashes were distracted-driver related.

A better understanding of wrongful death claims

Sadly, many families do not need statistics to tell them about the unfortunate impact of fatal car accidents. Following a fatal car accident, family members of victims may face unexpected financial challenges as a result of the accident. It is because of these challenges, along with the emotional struggles that family members may experience, that the option of bringing a wrongful death claim exists.

Elderly man suffers injuries in Massachusetts' animal attack

When unexpectedly harmed, victims who have suffered as the result of a dog bite injury may have legal recourse and options to consider. In a nearby community east of Worcester, an aggressive dog recently attacked another dog and the dog's owner, killing the dog and inflicting injuries on the dog's 83-year-old owner.

Two Massachusetts' police chiefs involved in fatal accident

Families face a variety of challenges following the unexpected loss of a loved one, some of which the legal process can help with. A retired Massachusetts' police chief was recently killed while riding his motorcycle. Another retired Massachusetts' police chief was also injured while also on his motorcycle as the two former police chiefs rode their motorcycles together. According to authorities, a passenger vehicle crossed the center line and hit the two motorcycles head on. A 55-year old former Massachusetts' police chief was killed in the fatal accident and a 75-year old former Massachusetts' police chief was left in critical condition. The accident is being investigated.

Driver charged in death of 20-year old jogger in Massachusetts

Families of a victim killed in a wrongful death accident do not have to face the future following the accident without help. A 20-year old woman recently out for a jog in a neighboring community about an hour east of Worcester was recently killed by a driver driving with a suspended license. The victim was thrown 20 feet when an SUV came around the corner and struck her. The 44-year old driver of the SUV was charged with charged with motor vehicle homicide, or negligent operation; speeding, operating after suspension of a license and a marked lanes violation.

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