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Bicyclists fatally struck by truck in Massachusetts

A bicyclist was recently killed by a truck in a major Massachusetts community just east of Worcester. The 27-year old victim was struck by a landscaping truck while riding her bicycle near an intersection. The victim was transported to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. According to witnesses, the victim was either hit by an SUV or had to move out of the way of an SUV which caused her to be hit by the truck.

Pedestrian killed and another injured in Worcester area accident

Pedestrian accident victims have legal protections they and their families should be aware of. A serious car accident, involving multiple vehicles, recently killed one pedestrian and left another pedestrian in critical condition. A 53-year old man was killed in the pedestrian accident and a woman, who works as a University of Massachusetts Boston administrator, was critically injured in the pedestrian accident. The 53-year old man was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident, while the other victim was in critical condition at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center in Worcester following the accident.

How common is medical malpractice?

Because of the trust and reliance placed in doctors and the health care system, the quality and safety of the care you receive should be an important concern to you. Patients have the right to receive adequate care and be familiar with the options available to them when the care they receive has not be up to standard.

A look at boating accidents in Massachusetts

The summer season is fast approaching and with it comes boating season. During 2014, the Coast Guard reported that there were 4,064 boating accidents which resulted in 610 boating deaths and 2,678 boating accident-related injuries. Since 2010, the number of boating accidents in Massachusetts has been increasing from 60 in 2010, 46 in 2011 and 68 in 2012 to 83 in 2013 and 82 in 2014. In Massachusetts during 2014, there were five fatal boating accidents and there were nine fatal boating accidents in 2013, 16 fatal boating accidents in 2012, 12 fatal boating accidents in 2011 and five fatal boating accidents in 2010.

Pedestrian accident victims have options to help them

Wrongful death accidents can occur in a number of different ways, including a pedestrian accident. Pedestrian accidents can result in the tragic loss of life or serious and debilitating injuries. Pedestrian accidents can involve cars, trucks or buses, and can sometimes be complicated by hit-and-run drivers or other circumstances.

How a medical malpractice claim may help

Medical malpractice can cause serious damages to individuals and families during what may already be a vulnerable time. Fortunately, a medical malpractice claim may be brought in circumstances when a patient has been harmed by medical negligence or a misdiagnosis while receiving treatment from a medical professional. These professionals can include doctors, nurses, technicians, as well as others. Hospitals may also be responsible when a patient has been harmed by medical negligence.

What is wrongful death and how does it help victims?

Following the unexpected loss of a loved one, family members of victims can be left with difficult emotional and financial challenges. Wrongful death legal actions are designed to help surviving family members of victims killed by the negligence or misconduct of others recover compensation for the financial and emotional damages they have suffered.

What types of damages are available for wrongful death?

This blog recently discussed a local fatal accident. In fatal accident circumstances, wrongful death claims may sometimes be made. A wrongful death is considered to have occurred in different circumstances, including when the negligence, or careless behavior, of one party causes the death of another party and the victim would have been able to bring a personal injury claim for damages had they survived the accident.

Worcester fatal accident leads to charges

A fatal hit-and-run accident in Worcester recently left one woman dead and her brother seriously injured. The 29-year old hit-and-run driver was identified and has been arraigned in Worcester on several charges, including motor vehicle homicide, drunken driving and leaving the scene of an accident. The alleged hit-and-run driver had two previous drunk driving convictions and fled the accident scene.

Fatal workplace accidents in Massachusetts by the numbers

In general, fatal workplace accidents are preventable. In Massachusetts during 2013, 57 workers died in fatal workplace accidents; Worcester County accounted for three fatal workplace deaths. Construction workers were at the highest risk, along with self-employed workers, followed by occupations engaged in material moving and transportation workers, agricultural workers and fishermen. In Massachusetts during 2012, 33 workers died in fatal workplace accidents; Worcester County accounted for eight of these deaths. The workers with the highest risk were occupations engaged in material moving and transportation workers followed by construction workers, agricultural workers and fishermen.

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