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Ma car accident victim awakes from coma

Those severely injured in a car accident can face a difficult and costly recovery. Just ask a Massachusetts man, who had to be life-flighted to UMass Worcester, after sustaining serious injuries in car accident. The man recently came out of a coma. Now he faces an uncertain rehabilitation starting with three months of speech and memory therapy.

Accurate information helps prove liability in Boston-area crashes

Collecting as much information as possible at the crash site following the incident can prove to be invaluable for those injured in a car accident. A recent Boston-area car accident sent a 78-year-old man to the hospital. The multi-car crash resulted when an SUV sped over a grassy median, slamming into two other vehicles.

Worcester man killed in drunk driving accident

Recently, a 48-year old Worcester man was killed in car accident. The auto accident occurred when a drunk driver in a car slammed into a pickup truck driven by the 48-year old victim. As both vehicles approached an intersection, the car struck the pickup truck on the driver's side, causing the truck to flip. The driver of the car, who is intensive care at a local hospital with serious head injuries, faces multiple charges, including motor vehicle homicide and drunken driving, speeding and driving to endanger.

Massachusetts boy seriously injured in car-bicycle accident

Every parent fears that their child will become involved in a serious car crash. Despite every driver's desire to avoid hitting another person -- especially a young child -- these accidents unfortunately do happen.. At the same time, the law has systems in place to deal with a car accident involving a pedestrian.

Massachusetts pedestrian accident shows the need for caution

In the case of car accidents involving pedestrians, it is not always clear who is at fault and, in turn, who might bear liability. The National Highway Traffic Safety Association reports that 83,000 pedestrians are injured or killed in accidents with vehicles each year.

Massachusetts teen eats while driving, collides with cop car

In Massachusetts, and across the county, daily life can be hectic. At times, people make phone calls from their cars, put on makeup or shave behind the wheel, or even get in a meal while driving to their next meeting or appointment. A person engaged in any of these behaviors can obviously become easily distracted. Car accidents resulting from distracted driving can serious consequences for all partied involved.

Study: New crash avoidance systems helping keep motorists safe

Automakers have made remarkable progress in improving vehicle safety over the last twenty years. Airbags, anti-lock brakes and steel safety cages are now standard equipment, while many newer vehicles feature blind-spot detection systems, vehicle skid control and rearview cameras. Interestingly, a group of researchers with the Highway Loss Data Institute recently set out to determine whether some of the very newest safety technologies are actually preventing car accidents.

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