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Massachusetts dog attack kills family dog and injures man

In Massachusetts, dog bite claims serve to protect victims from the often unexpected disruption to their lives created by a dog bite injury.

Strict dog bite laws in Massachusetts help victims

According to police reports from Worcester County, a 42-year old Leominster man allegedly used his pit bull dog as a weapon during a recent fight with a group of people that took place at a city skate park. Officers were called to the park following a report of a serious dog bite.

Dog bite may lead to civil liability for Massachusetts pet owner

A previous post on this blog discussed how dog bites have been on the rise this summer in Massachusetts. This increase has been attributed, in part, to animal neglect, such as incidents of dogs being left in the extreme heat without food and water. These cases can lead to an increase in dog bite occurrences, which can result in serious injuries to a victim and possible civil liability for a pet owner.

Hot weather may mean a rise in dog bite injuries

With the summer months come high temperatures that can negatively affect not only residents, but also their pets. The heat can make many of us unpredictable and not as easygoing. Even the least among us, our pets, can get irritable and need more hydration, especially when spending large amounts of time out in the heat This can have significant effects on the behavior of even the best-behaved pet.

New state law trumps Worcester's pit bull safety ordinance

Dogs can be wonderful companions, as many Massachusetts residents know. However, part of being a pet owner involves taking responsibility for your pet. All too often, irresponsible dog owners expose their community members to serious danger by failing to take the precautions to prevent dog bite injuries.

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