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Legal options are available to victims of head-on collisions

Head-on collisions can result in catastrophic injuries, serious damages and even death. This can be especially true when the vehicles are travelling at high rates of speed. Head-on collisions can be caused in a number of different ways including by drivers that are speeding or driving recklessly, by drivers who cross the center line, by rivers who are driving while experiencing driver fatigue, by drivers driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs or drivers that fail to yield at intersections.

The legal system provides options to hit-and-run accident victims

Hit-and-run accidents can be serious accidents and drivers involved in hit-and-run accidents may realize that they have done something wrong or behaved negligently. Hit-and-run accidents can cause serious injuries, such as brain injuries, and fatalities. Hit-and-run accidents may be slightly different than other types of personal injury accidents, however, that does not mean that injured victims and their families cannot pursue compensation for their damages and losses.

Understanding car accident investigations and reconstruction

Oftentimes, when people in the Worcester area hear about a car accident, they may also hear about accident investigation or accident reconstruction. Car accident investigations can be an important part of the process following a car accident. Many auto accidents, especially those that result in injury or death, will be the subject of an accident investigation and sometimes, the car accident will be reconstructed to shed further light on what happened.

Variety of car accident types reflects diversity in legal options

Driving is a daily activity for most people in Worcester. Unfortunately, there are a number of different ways that car accidents can cause serious injury on any given day. Accidents can come in the form of rear-end collisions, head-on collisions, t-bone impacts, rollover accidents, side-swipes, collisions with stationary objects such as trees and hit and run situations. In any event, The Law Offices of Bailey & Burke can provide victims or their families with a strategic legal plan for recovery.

Options for victims of whiplash injuries

This blog recently discussed whiplash injuries. It is important to understand that whiplash and soft tissue injuries are serious injuries. It is also crucial to understand what to do if you have suffered one of these devastating harms. Victims who have wrongfully suffered a whiplash injury in a traumatic or catastrophic accident may suffer physical, financial and emotional challenges that can be difficult to recover from.

What are whiplash injuries?

Car accident victims can suffer a number of serious injuries following a car crash. Whiplash injuries can commonly be suffered in a car accident. By definition, whiplash is a fast and violent back-and-forth motion of the neck that can occur in a car accident, especially if the victim's car has been rear-ended.

Victims of drunk driving accidents are not without options

Car accidents can occur in a number of ways and leave victims wrongfully injured or otherwise harmed. Unfortunately, drunk driving accidents may not only cause injuries but may also lead to the loss of life and may forever impact families of victims as well.

Pedestrian accident victims are protected

Pedestrians can, unfortunately, be vulnerable to the careless and negligent actions of drivers. Pedestrians can be the victims of car accidents, truck accidents and accidents with buses, all of which can cause serious injuries to pedestrian victims.

Victims of texting and driving are protected

The dangers of texting and driving have been discussed before on this blog. Awareness of the dangers of texting while driving has been increasing and, likewise, it is important for victims of car accidents caused by texting and driving to understand the options available to them when they have been wrongfully harmed.

What are common beliefs concerning distracted driving?

Distracted driving remains a serious threat to safety as the inconsistency that exists between drivers' beliefs concerning distracted driving and their actions may be questioned. You may have wondered, given all the national conversation surrounding the problem of texting and driving, what attitudes towards distracted driving are and what types of beliefs concerning texting and driving people hold.

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