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When can a doctor be sued for a wrongful death?

The legal topic of medical malpractice is a complex area of the law that has its basis in personal injury litigation. Individuals who have lost loved ones in medical accidents or due to medical mistakes may struggle to understand just how they may approach the recovery of their damages when they do not understand the grounds on which health care providers may be sued. In Massachusetts, doctors, nurses, and other health care practitioners may be sued if they cause wrongful deaths due to their negligence.

Compensation for families through wrongful death litigation

It is getting darker each night at an earlier hour and Massachusetts residents may be finding that they are arriving home well after the sun has set in the evening sky. As darkness spreads and colder temperatures set in, drivers in Worcester could discover that their daily commutes are a little more challenging and considerably more slippery as they are forced to contend with snow, sleet, and ice. Though hazardous roads may be managed through careful driving and patience, it is an unfortunate fact that many people drive too fast and aggressively for deteriorating conditions.

Massachusetts man killed in pedestrian accident

One of the most important ways that Worcester residents can stay safe on the roads is to minimize their chances of becoming distracted while they are operating their vehicles. This can mean turning off their smartphones and starting their GPS devices before they get moving, having their routes planned out so they do not have to consult maps or directions, and making sure that passengers have what they need prior to starting their trip. A driver who is focused on the task of driving can react better to changing road conditions and can actively prevent the collisions that can hurt and even kill victims.

Loss of companionship as a form of wrongful death damages

The death of a beloved family member can have lasting repercussions on the lives of those that they leave behind. When a spouse loses their partner or a child loses their parent, they may feel as though they have been deprived of something special and unique. In Massachusetts, a person may be able to include in their wrongful death damages a request for loss of companionship recompenses.

Grounds on which wrongful death claims may be filed

A wrongful death is one that occurs due to the actions or omissions of another person. They happen on Massachusetts roads when irresponsible drivers allow distractions to take their attention away from driving and accidents occur with fatal results. They occur when others neglect to act responsibly and put other people's lives in danger due to their carelessness.

Helping victims of wrongful death incidents

When a tragedy strikes unexpectedly, a Massachusetts family may be left reeling. The family may find themselves facing financial peril as they lose the financial support of a loved one and incur medical expenses related to the care they received before their death. They undoubtedly will feel the emotional devastation of never being able to see their loved one again.

Are punitive damages available in wrongful death actions?

When a person is hurt or killed due to the actions of another person, certain personal injury legal claims may arise that give the victim or victims options for seeking compensation for the harm they have suffered. When a Worcester resident is hurt in a car accident, they may sue the responsible party under the theory of negligence. If that individual is killed in the crash, their estate may be entitled to sue on wrongful death grounds.

Wrongful death claims based on water accidents

Over the Memorial Day holiday, readers of this Worcester personal injury legal blog may be ready to embrace the coming of summer. For many, summer means freedom from school, cookouts with friends and family and time in the water. Water time can include boating and swimming in local bodies of water, visiting the neighborhood pool or enjoying sports on the river.

Grounds on which a wrongful death claim may be based

Earlier this month, this Worcester personal injury legal blog offered an informative post about the use of a breach of warranty claim as the basis of a wrongful death lawsuit. This post will follow up on that article by briefly introducing the other two claims on which wrongful death suits may be based: negligence and reckless or wanton conduct.

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