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Out-of-court settlements in the aftermath of truck accidents

When a person is injured in an accident caused by a large commercial vehicle, such as a semi-trailer truck, that person may be able to file a civil lawsuit to seek damages. However, both parties may want to avoid spending time and money on litigation, so they instead may choose to reach an out-of-court settlement. Settlements in the aftermath of a truck accident can typically be of two types: lump-sum settlements and structured settlements, which makes payments at pre-determined intervals over a period of time.

The problem of incentivizing delivery schedules for truck drivers

It is amazing how quickly businesses can ship and deliver their products to consumers. Whether Massachusetts residents order straight from sellers or use third parties to locate and buy goods, those items can often be delivered to the buyers' doors within a few days. While internet ordering has undoubtedly played a big role in speeding up the time it takes a business to receive a customer's order, delivery companies have also stepped up their schedules to meet the demands of both sellers and buyers.

Helping you take action after a truck accident

The trucking industry remains an important one. Whether it is for a company requiring shipments of good or individuals seeking the delivery of personal goods, the trucking industry significantly impacts interstate and intrastate commerce. Although the benefits are apparent, trucking companies and truck drivers in general do present some risks on the roadways.

The causes of commercial truck accidents

There is a reason why motorists see large trucks on the roadways. The trucking industry is heavily relied on when it comes to shipping goods for individuals and businesses. While there are many economic benefits from the trucking industry, there are also many risks associated with these massive vehicles traveling short and long distances on the highways and interstates across the nation. Truck drivers and trucking companies could make mistakes or act negligently. This could ultimately cause a serious or even fatal truck accident.

How long can truckers drive without stopping to rest?

Anyone who has undertaken a road trip knows how hard it can be to keep going when it seems like their destination will never appear. They may just want to push through their boredom and exhaustion to reach the end of the trip; Massachusetts residents may elect to drive through the night just to avoid traffic when they take on long trips by car. However, driving without taking breaks to rest and reset can be dangerous because fatigue can impact how drivers operate their vehicles.

Support for victims of truck accidents and collisions

For as common as motor vehicle accidents are, Massachusetts residents may be shocked to learn just how different each collision can be. The conditions present when the accidents occur can play a major role in how liability is viewed, as can the conditions of the drivers, their vehicles and other important factors. When a large truck is involved in a roadway collision, even more considerations may be necessary to determine fault and how responsibility for the crash should be evaluated.

Unsecured cargo can cause devastating truck accidents

Large trucks serve an important role in the movement of goods across the country. Each day Worcester residents see semis, cargo vehicles and other commercial trucks carrying items to stores and retail centers where consumers can buy them. While airplanes, train, and other modes of transportation may pay parts in getting goods to where they need to go, trucks are on the ground, night and day, making important deliveries.

More delivery trucks during the holidays may mean more accidents

Although some Worcester residents may still prefer to shop for holiday gifts at their local stores and outlets, many people enjoy the convenience of online shopping and free delivery to have their purchases shipped directly to their front doors. During the month of December, Massachusetts residents may see more delivery trucks out on the roads as drivers rush to keep up with the onslaught of boxes that individuals expect in a timely manner. With more trucks on the roads and tighter deadlines to meet, truck drivers may not always make the best decisions about how to stay safe on the roads.

Should I settle my truck accident claim?

The injuries that a victim may suffer in an accident with a large truck or big rig can be extensive. Not all victims of these devastating incidents are able to reach a full recovery from the physical harm they suffered, and they can be left with lingering health issues that can affect them for the rest of their lives. If a Massachusetts resident is involved in a truck accident, they should be aware of what they may be giving up before they agree to settle their pending personal injury claim.

Who can I sue after an accident with a large truck?

In the wake of a truck accident, a Massachusetts resident may have many questions and few answers. After tending to their injuries, an important step in seeking the recovery of their damages may be to consult with an attorney about their possible options. Individual cases are influenced by their own facts and, therefore, understanding who may be sued will depend on the circumstances surrounding the victim's crash.

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