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What damages may be sought after an animal attack?

Personal injuries such as those that victims suffer after animal bites and attacks can take different forms and can involve different types and severity of damage. For this reason the types and amounts of damages that Massachusetts victims may pursue after such incidents will depend upon the harm that they individually suffered. Consultation with attorneys who work in the personal injury field is recommended for those who want to learn more about how their cases may be assessed.

Does the one-bite rule apply in Massachusetts?

Many Worcester households include pets that enrich the lives of their owners. Over time, animals can become members of a family and can hold special places in the hearts of those who love them. However, it is important that everyone remembers that pets are animals and can act out of character when they are faced with new or threatening situations.

Dog bite injuries can be extensive and painful

A dog can add an immense amount of love to a family. From a playful puppy to a mature companion, a dog can bring satisfaction and friendship to a Massachusetts resident. However, taking care of a dog is no small feat and individuals who choose to undertake the responsibility of caring for a dog must ensure that their four-legged friends are trained to be safe around humans and other animals.

Who may be sued after a dog attack?

A dog bite can leave a Massachusetts resident with grievous injuries and significant pain. When a victim contemplates their legal options for recovering damages, they may choose to sue the dog's owner for the losses suffered. Preparing their claim to include all possible defendants can be an important part of planning their case.

What to do after an attack by a potentially rabid animal

Domestic animal bites often happen when pet owners fail to control their cats, dogs, and other creatures through training or restraints. In Massachusetts, the victim of an animal attack may be able to recover compensation for their injuries through a personal injury lawsuit. However, before a person gets around to meeting with an attorney to discuss their legal rights, there are some important health issues they should first address.

Vaccinations may be needed after an animal bite

Massachusetts residents who have read or seen "Old Yeller" may be aware of the heartbreaking end that dogs may meet if they contract rabies. Rabies is a virus that can be spread from animals to humans that can have violent and devastating symptoms for those who contract it. Paralysis, pain and death are all possible outcomes for individuals who contract rabies and are not treated for their infections.

Are dog bite laws different for children than adults?

In Massachusetts, dog owners are strictly liable for the harm that their pets cause when those animals attack and bite. This means that the owners are responsible for the harm their animals cause even if they had no prior knowledge of their pets' dangerous propensities. There are exceptions to this general rule, however, if, for example, a court finds that the bite victim provoked or antagonized the animal into action.

Filing a civil action following a dog bite

Owning a pet is a fairly common practice across the nation. Domesticated animals, such as a dog or a cat, are not only viewed as a pet or a companion. To some, a pet is like a family member. No matter what a pet means to an individual, however, the reality is that a pet owner is responsible for their pet. This goes beyond providing the animal adequate care. It means being responsible for one's pet, whether that means paying for damage the pet causes to the property of others or when a pet bites or attacks another.

When negligent pet owners blame victims for their pets' attacks

A responsible pet owner is generally a person who understands and meets the needs of their animal, trains their pet to act appropriately when around others, and who uses appropriate control devices, such as leashes, fences and collars, to ensure that their pets cannot annoy or harm others whether they are in their homes or out in public. Incidents happen, though, where Worcester residents come into contact with domestic animals that are not properly under the control of their owners. When animals attack, it is often the fault of their owner for allowing the incident occur.

Seek legal counsel after suffering an animal bite injury

A pet can deeply enrich a Massachusetts resident's life. The ever-present wagging of a dog's tail and the gentle rubbing up of a cat against a person's legs can put a smile on a person's face even after they have had to endure a long, grueling day. Domestic animals can be found in many Worcester homes and yards. Thankfully, most people's family pets are generally well-behaved.

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