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June 2019 Archives

Helping you take action after a truck accident

The trucking industry remains an important one. Whether it is for a company requiring shipments of good or individuals seeking the delivery of personal goods, the trucking industry significantly impacts interstate and intrastate commerce. Although the benefits are apparent, trucking companies and truck drivers in general do present some risks on the roadways.

Does the type of animal impact an animal bite action?

We have all heard that a dog is a man's best friend; however, some individuals in Massachusetts and elsewhere may not be dog people. Owning a pet, whether it is a dog, cat, bird, horse, farm animal or wild animal, comes with many responsibilities. And when an owner of an animal fails to uphold these responsibilities and their duty to keep others safe from their animal, this could result in serious harm from an animal bite.

The causes of commercial truck accidents

There is a reason why motorists see large trucks on the roadways. The trucking industry is heavily relied on when it comes to shipping goods for individuals and businesses. While there are many economic benefits from the trucking industry, there are also many risks associated with these massive vehicles traveling short and long distances on the highways and interstates across the nation. Truck drivers and trucking companies could make mistakes or act negligently. This could ultimately cause a serious or even fatal truck accident.

Helping you recover compensation following a motorcycle crash

In Massachusetts and elsewhere, motorcyclists take to the rode during the warm months. Because of this, motorists are often advised to double check their surroundings for these smaller vehicles, as they can easily go unnoticed in a driver's blind spot. When a driver fails to check their blind spots and mirrors or fails to yield to an oncoming motorcyclist, this could result in a serious and even fatal motorcycle collision.

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