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April 2019 Archives

What you tell your doctor after a car wreck matters

The streets and highways in and around Boston can be congested places. While you must share the road with thousands of other motorists, crowded roadways tend to increase your chances of sustaining a serious injury in a motor vehicle collision. After all, in the past decade, there has been more than 100,000 car crashes on Massachusetts roads every single year. 

Age as a consideration when assessing wrongful death damages

Natural deaths are tragic, but when families lose loved ones to accidents, the losses can feel even harder to bear. The injustice can haunt families, and the sudden loss of a loved one's income and companionship can cause very real damage to a family's wellbeing.

Motorcycle rider struck by truck debris seriously injured

Motorcyclists can suffer serious injuries and even death when they are hit by other vehicles. The collision between a motorcycle and a car can be violent and can leave a motorcycle rider with broken bones, organ damage, internal bleeding, and brain and spinal injuries. Recovering from a motorcycle crash can be time-consuming and can leave a victim with permanent and sometimes disabling injuries.

When animal bites happen at rented properties

Not all rental properties throughout Massachusetts allow their tenants to have pets. While dogs, cats, and other domestic animals can make wonderful companions for Worcester residents, they can also do a lot of damage to homes and apartments when they are not properly under the control of their masters. Those landlords who do allow their tenants to have pets may elect to collect deposits from their renters to cover any costs that the pets cause over the course of their tenancies.

How long can truckers drive without stopping to rest?

Anyone who has undertaken a road trip knows how hard it can be to keep going when it seems like their destination will never appear. They may just want to push through their boredom and exhaustion to reach the end of the trip; Massachusetts residents may elect to drive through the night just to avoid traffic when they take on long trips by car. However, driving without taking breaks to rest and reset can be dangerous because fatigue can impact how drivers operate their vehicles.

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