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January 2019 Archives

Two-car collision leads to death of elderly Massachusetts woman

An accident on Interstate 95 North near Sharon has claimed the life of a 73-year-old local woman. The victim was operating her vehicle on the interstate when it was involved in a collision with another automobile. As a result of the crash, the victim's car lost control, traveled across several lanes of traffic and rolled down an embankment.

Unsecured cargo can cause devastating truck accidents

Large trucks serve an important role in the movement of goods across the country. Each day Worcester residents see semis, cargo vehicles and other commercial trucks carrying items to stores and retail centers where consumers can buy them. While airplanes, train, and other modes of transportation may pay parts in getting goods to where they need to go, trucks are on the ground, night and day, making important deliveries.

When can a doctor be sued for a wrongful death?

The legal topic of medical malpractice is a complex area of the law that has its basis in personal injury litigation. Individuals who have lost loved ones in medical accidents or due to medical mistakes may struggle to understand just how they may approach the recovery of their damages when they do not understand the grounds on which health care providers may be sued. In Massachusetts, doctors, nurses, and other health care practitioners may be sued if they cause wrongful deaths due to their negligence.

Many drivers fail to see motorcycles out on the roads

Drivers in Massachusetts and states throughout the country are cautioned to limit the distractions in their vehicles so that they can put their attention on the roads before them. Too often Worcester residents hear horrific accounts of drivers causing accidents because they were looking at their phones or trying to multitask while operating their vehicles. Driving is an involved process that requires a person to watch what is happening around them, manage their own vehicle, and anticipate the actions of other drivers and pedestrians.

What damages may be sought after an animal attack?

Personal injuries such as those that victims suffer after animal bites and attacks can take different forms and can involve different types and severity of damage. For this reason the types and amounts of damages that Massachusetts victims may pursue after such incidents will depend upon the harm that they individually suffered. Consultation with attorneys who work in the personal injury field is recommended for those who want to learn more about how their cases may be assessed.

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