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December 2018 Archives

Understanding whiplash injuries

Winter has come calling in Massachusetts, and with winter comes an increased number of motor vehicle accidents. With icy and snowy roads an ever-present possibility at this time of year, unfortunately you face a higher risk of another motorist rear-ending you, resulting in a whiplash injury

Working for victims of winter car accidents

Car accidents happen throughout the year, but it may seem to readers of this Worcester personal injury blog that some of the worst ones happen in winter. There is some truth to this inclination, as winter roads can be treacherous due to the presence of ice, slush and snow. Drivers who fail to maintain their vehicles on weather-affected surfaces can serious harm to themselves and others when their vehicles are involved in crashes.

More delivery trucks during the holidays may mean more accidents

Although some Worcester residents may still prefer to shop for holiday gifts at their local stores and outlets, many people enjoy the convenience of online shopping and free delivery to have their purchases shipped directly to their front doors. During the month of December, Massachusetts residents may see more delivery trucks out on the roads as drivers rush to keep up with the onslaught of boxes that individuals expect in a timely manner. With more trucks on the roads and tighter deadlines to meet, truck drivers may not always make the best decisions about how to stay safe on the roads.

Does the one-bite rule apply in Massachusetts?

Many Worcester households include pets that enrich the lives of their owners. Over time, animals can become members of a family and can hold special places in the hearts of those who love them. However, it is important that everyone remembers that pets are animals and can act out of character when they are faced with new or threatening situations.

Wrong way driver injures four in Massachusetts

Spotting dangerous drivers on the road can be a scary experience for a Worcester resident. They may see an aggressive driver approaching in their rearview mirror, or they may watch a driver swerve in and out of traffic as they attempt to speed down the road. However, one of the most unnerving things that a driver may experience while operating their vehicle is witnessing another vehicle coming toward them as it travels the wrong way.

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