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October 2018 Archives

Massachusetts man killed in pedestrian accident

One of the most important ways that Worcester residents can stay safe on the roads is to minimize their chances of becoming distracted while they are operating their vehicles. This can mean turning off their smartphones and starting their GPS devices before they get moving, having their routes planned out so they do not have to consult maps or directions, and making sure that passengers have what they need prior to starting their trip. A driver who is focused on the task of driving can react better to changing road conditions and can actively prevent the collisions that can hurt and even kill victims.

Dog bite injuries can be extensive and painful

A dog can add an immense amount of love to a family. From a playful puppy to a mature companion, a dog can bring satisfaction and friendship to a Massachusetts resident. However, taking care of a dog is no small feat and individuals who choose to undertake the responsibility of caring for a dog must ensure that their four-legged friends are trained to be safe around humans and other animals.

Who can I sue after an accident with a large truck?

In the wake of a truck accident, a Massachusetts resident may have many questions and few answers. After tending to their injuries, an important step in seeking the recovery of their damages may be to consult with an attorney about their possible options. Individual cases are influenced by their own facts and, therefore, understanding who may be sued will depend on the circumstances surrounding the victim's crash.

Internal organs can be injured in a car accident

It is nearly impossible to get into a car accident and escape unscathed without injuries. Too many people, though, assume that they have been so lucky when there are no immediately visible injuries following a collision. On the contrary, injuries are often invisible, and it is entirely possible to suffer internal injuries to your tissues, muscles and even your body's organs.

Seeking compensation as the victim of a drunk driving accident

Drunk drivers are a danger to everyone who must operate and ride in vehicles on Massachusetts roads. When they choose to put alcohol into their systems, the bodies of drunk drivers experience changes that the individuals cannot always control. Drunk drivers can experience a loss of inhibitions, a loss of motor function, a loss of reaction time, and many other physical problems.

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