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October 2017 Archives

How does strict product liability work in fatal car accidents?

Finding out that a loved one has passed away in a car-related accident can be extremely devastating. The suddenness of the event and the questions of how and why can overwhelm loved ones. After a person has been put to rest, it may be time to start answering those questions. A person's death could have been related to a car defect, the type addressed by product liability claims, rather than the negligence of another driver.

Aspects to consider when injured in a truck accident

There are so many things to think about when yourself or a loved one has been critically injured in a truck accident. First and foremost, the health and well-being of a loved one is number one. Secondly, thinking about what steps to take to ensure that the injured has a smooth and easy-transition as possible transitioning back into regular life. For some injured in truck accidents, life will never return to how it was. So how does an injured reconcile their new life with their old life?If a person was injured due to another's negligence in a Massachusetts truck accident, there could be a variety of causations that ultimately resulted in the injury to yourself or a loved one. Trucks can and do operate safely and without incident every day, but for the one's that malfunction, are overloaded, are not maintenance and are operated improperly by the truck driver, they can cause serious injury to other passenger drivers. This is due to the sheer size of trucks, they can easily crush or run other passenger vehicles off the road. There are strict state and federal regulations that are in place to prevent such incidents from happening. However, when those laws or regulations are not followed, it could indicate negligence on behalf of one or more parties. Truck accident negligence rests on proving that a duty owed by the defendant was breached and that failure to owe that duty directly resulted in a person's injuries and losses. Personal injury, workers' comp, criminal law and employment law can all be issues impacted by just one truck accident injury incident. There are a multitude of angles that could have caused a person's truck accident injury including the possibility that another passenger vehicle could have contributed.

Daughter killed, son injured - MA family sues Walmart for tires

It's every parents' worst nightmare. On their way to school in February 2016 a family's daughter was killed and their son was irreparably injured when the car they were driving left the road way. There had been severe weather reported in the area and school was even delayed a few hours due to that. However, the parents are alleging that it was more than snow that caused their kids' vehicle to leave the road that day.

Collect damages after suffering animal bite injury

There are many dog-lovers out there who have one or both dogs. But animal lover or not, sometimes dogs or other animals act in an aggressive way. While they may only be reacting out of instinct, it can seriously injure those who get in front of an aggressive animal. Children, especially, can become victim to animal bite injury when they try to pet or get in front of an aggressive animal that lashes out.

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